2023 Agenda

Welcome to the agenda for the SOSV Climate Tech Summit, which is virtual, free and held on Sept. 26-27, starting at 8 a.m. Pacific Time. Register today.

Below is the complete agenda for both days of the event, including main stage panels, marked as “stage” in the left column, and live, AMA breakouts, marked as “sessions” in in the left column. The XTC-SOSV Carbon Removal startup challenge, which is live, is a “session” on Sept. 26th at 2:00 pm PT.

Main Stage Agenda

Carbon Removal & CCUS Startup Challenge

In partnership with Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC)

We partnered with Extreme Tech Challenge to bring you a pitch competition focused on Carbon Removal and CCUS. Five startups will be selected to pitch top climate investors. The winner will be invited to the main stage on the final day.

Breakout Session Live AMAs

Presentations and live AMAs led by the top early stage investors and ecosystem partners. Their presentations are designed to help founders understand better how these firms make investment decisions. Already confirmed are:

  • EIP, with Sam Bursten, Principal
  • Fifth Wall, with Francesca Whitehead, Vice President
  • GridX, with Matias Peire, Founder and CEO
  • Prime Coalition, with Sarah Kearney, Executive Director
  • Prelude Ventures
  • SOSV (HAX and IndieBio)
  • Pale Blue Dot
  • Goodwin
  • CTVC

VC/Startup Matchup

Our signature virtual matchmaking event is back after enabling over 1,500 meetings last year, leading to multiple investments. Registrants to the summit will be invited to sign up. To quote one of the most active founders: “I met more investors in a week than in the previous 12 months.”

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