October 25-26
8am–12pm PST



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The Summit Mission

Climate tech startups are playing a vital role in the fight against climate change.

This is their forum.

From energy and transport to food and industrial materials, climate tech startups are pushing the boundaries of science and technology in the race to decarbonize our economy and save planet earth.

The SOSV Climate Tech Summit aims to convene the climate tech startup ecosystem of founders, investors, technologists, corporates, policymakers and media to discuss the extreme challenges ahead.

Join us for a live, virtual and free event featuring fireside chats, panel discussions and breakout sessions with the founders and venture capitalists who are inventing our decarbonized future.

2022 Speakers

Director, Loan Programs Office at U.S. DOE

Managing Partner, Lowercarbon Capital

Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Singapore

Director of Global Public Policy, X (formerly Google X)

co-Founder & co-CEO, Climeworks

Professor, MIT, Co-founder, Form Energy & Desktop Metal

Founder and CEO, Helion

Co-Founder and President, Dandelion Energy

Author, "Termination Shock"

2021 Speakers

CEO and Managing Partner, The Engine

CEO & Co-Founder, Sublime Systems

Principal at Future Shape

Founder, Breakthrough Energy

CEO, Air Protein

CEO & Co-Founder, Pivot Bio, Inc.

CEO and Founder, Shiok Meats

Founder, Khosla Ventures

CEO & Co-Founder, Form Energy


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The SOSV Climate Tech Summit is a virtual, free event designed for the climate tech startup ecosystem and open to all. The venture firm SOSV, a leading investor in climate tech startups, is producing the event.

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Why is SOSV producing this event?

The Princeton, NJ-based venture capital firm SOSV is the producer of the Climate Tech Summit, which took place for the first time, as a virtual event, in October 2021. The event brought together nearly 4,000 attendees from around the world to listen to the world’d top founders and investors in climate tech. The second SOSV Climate Tech Summit will take place Oct. 25-26, 2022. This event will also be virtual.

SOSV is a leader in early stage climate tech investing, thanks to its IndieBio (life sciences) and HAX  (hard tech) startup development programs. In April 2021, SOSV published the SOSV Climate Tech 100, which was covered in TechCrunch, and last year Pitchbook reported that SOSV was the #1 most active climate tech investor for the 2018-2020 period.

SOSV has more than 500 co-investors in its climate tech portfolio, and in June this year SOSV published an analysis on TechCrunch of those investors as a guide to help founders better understand the funding landscape. SOSV is deeply committed the the mission of “human and planetary health,” and the SOSV Climate Tech Summit is designed to improve the prospects for all startups and all investors in the category, as well as to attract new participants.

“Startups by their very nature take risks no normal business would,” says Sean O’Sullivan, the founder and managing partner of SOSV, “and that’s doubly true for the deep tech startups inventing radical, breakthrough approaches to decarbonization. The more investment we deliver to brilliant founders, the better our chances that we will produce the innovations we need to save the planet. The SOSV Climate Tech Summit will help us speed up the exchange of insights and deepening of networks that are fundamental to the rapid growth of any startup ecosystem. As we can all see in the daily news coverage, the increasing rate of climate-related disasters requires immediate action. We really can’t move fast enough.”

The executive producers are Ned Desmond, SOSV senior operating partner and former COO of TechCrunch, and Ben Joffe, an SOSV Partner.  Norm Amandi is responsible for the video production.

Oct. 25 and 26, From 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Pacific.

The event will be staged on the Hopin virtual event platform.

SOSV’s aim is to help the climate tech startup ecosystem by convening investors, founders, corporates, policy-makers and media to hear from the leading founders and VCs in the sector. Our belief is that startups will provide many of products and technologies that will help humanity address climate change, and as a leader in the category, SOSV has a responsibility to convene and educate all the interested parties in and around the climate tech ecosystem.

Yes, we will publish all the sessions after the event and notify all attendees by email when they are ready.

The event is free to all attendees, but registration is required.

If you would like to suggest programming ideas or get involved in some other way, please contact Ned or Ben at

Yes, we welcome media participation. You can find event descriptions, details, and visual assets here. Also, we are happy to assist media in making connections to our speakers and setting up interviews with—or quotes from—our organizers. For more information, please contact Ned Desmond at

Contact us.

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