SOSV Climate Tech Matchup


SOSV’s annual, virtual matchmaking event for founders and investors in Climate Tech is coming on September 25-29, 2023. Participation is FREE, which is the best way to ensure widespread participation across the climate ecosystem. Last year there were over 1,500 VC-founder meetings and we had highly positive feedback.

What we ask in return is that all participants observe these guidelines:


  • Provide key company details in your meeting requests to help orient investors.
  • Target meeting requests to relevant VCs for the best response rate.


  • Be responsive to meeting requests, if only to reply “not a fit.”
  • Accept and conduct at least one meeting during this event.

Register as an investor

Apply as a startup*

*Only climate tech startups who are past the “idea” stage will be accepted.

For Investors

  • Discover early stage climate startups across your favorite categories.
  • Arrange meetings with interesting founders.
  • Connect with other investors.

2022 VC Testimonials

“The best use of my time in 2022.”
“Super efficient for a virtual event.”
“I made contact with two startups in which I eventually invested.”
“All very valuable meetings as your companies are very well curated. Thank you!”
“I met companies that I do not normally come across easily.“

Register as an investor

For Founders

  • Discover a broad selection of VCs investing in climate.
  • Request meetings with relevant funds.
  • Get feedback on pitches and valuable, new connections.

2022 Founders Testimonials

“I met more investors in a week than in the previous year.”
“It really helped us learn how to pitch and how to sharpen our presentation.”
“Excellent for initial meetings.”

Apply as a startup*

*Only climate tech startups who are past the “idea” stage will be accepted.

2022 results

  • 500+ active participants, including 200+ investors.
  • 1,500+ founder-investor meetings.
  • 66% of respondents scored the event 8/10 or higher.
  • 97% of respondents asked to participate again.
  • Several connections led to investments.


Q: Who is participating?

  • You will be provided with detailed information about participants.
  • We expect 500+ participants, mostly from North America and Europe.
  • Startups: mostly early stage (pre-seed, seed and series A). No “idea stage”.
  • Investors: from angels and generalist VCs to climate tech specialists.

Q: How do you define a climate tech startup?

Q: I joined last year, what’s different this year?

  • A better platform.
  • Plenty of new participants.
  • More filtering options.
  • And a few more things 🙂

Q: What are the event dates?

  • From Aug 15: register as a startup or investor.
  • From Sep 11: send meeting requests.
  • Sep 25-29: conduct meetings on our platform.

Q: What is the duration of meetings?

  • Duration: 15 minutes + option to extend.

Q: Can I connect outside the platform?

  • Yes. It’s easy to arrange meetings on the platform but it’s also fine to arrange meetings using other platforms. Some participants, for example, offer their calendly to set up meetings using Zoom, Teams etc.
  • All participants share their LinkedIn.

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