Star power: The Future of Nuclear Fusion with David Kirtley, Founder & CEO of Helion Energy

At the SOSV Climate Tech Summit (Oct. 25-26 / free & virtual / register now) Dr. David Kirtley, founder and CEO of Helion Energy, will tackle that question and many more in a fireside chat. One of three fusion unicorns, Helion has secured $500 million in funding and is currently building Polaris, which Kirtley believes will be the first ever fusion reactor to generate more electricity than it consumes, which is the idea, of course.

Sci-Fi author Neal Stephenson will speak at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit 2022

We are delighted to announce that Neal Stephenson will be speaking at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit. Register today! It’s virtual and free. Neal Stephenson is a world-renowned speculative fiction author who won Hugo, Locus, Arthur C. Clarke, and Prometheus awards for science fiction, historical fiction, maximalism, cyberpunk, and post-cyberpunk (he coined the term ‘metaverse‘

Announcing the SOSV Climate Tech Summit’s first eight speakers

Who knew that the climate tech ecosystem in 2022 would face such surprising challenges? Just a year ago, investors happily doubled down on climate tech startups, deploying more than $40 billion according to TechCrunch. Now we face inflation-driven economic turmoil, war in the Ukraine, and the related instability of carbon-based energy markets. If there’s a