Here are all the 2022 SOSV Climate Tech Summit session videos

We just completed our two-day summit (Oct. 25-26), which included 22 panels and fireside chats with leading founders, VCs, researchers and policy experts. We had a great turnout, with more 6700 people registered this year, from 88 countries. We recognize that the event was not available during waking hours in much of the world so

The Reverse VC: How Carl-Erik Lagercrantz and Vargas Holding Built a $12 Billion Climate Tech Startup

New climate tech startups are notoriously risky and capital-intensive. So, early-stage VCs usually invest a little seed capital in a lot of startups. But what if someone were to reverse the Silicon Valley model of climate tech investing? What if they de-risked climate tech by investing a ton of money upfront into one startup with proven technology, large-scale production plans, and a ready customer?

Stuff Minus Emissions: How to Decarbonize and Upcycle Essential Materials with Biomason, Novoloop, and Lingrove

The materials essential to 21st century life are carbon-intensive and rarely reused. CO2 emissions from cement production have doubled over the last 20 years and now account for over 7% of global emissions. Plastics, responsible for 3.4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, have become an environmental nightmare. Only about 9% are recycled while 22% are “mismanaged,” with some 22 million tons leaking into the environment annually—about 10 times the tonnage of all Tesla cars sold worldwide in 2021.