What is the VC-Founder Matchup?

In 2021, SOSV added a matchup for qualified founders and investors to the SOSV Climate Tech Summit. We staged the event on a digital platform designed for networking, and the results were stunning. More than 1,000 founders and investors participated on the platform, and we recorded 1500 meetings on the platform alone. Many more came together elsewhere. The project fit perfectly with our mission, which is to speed up the climate tech ecosystem.

How does the matchup work? We invite VCs and founders to register on the platform in advance of the summit and guided them to establish profiles, research appropriate VCs (or founders) and request meetings during the 3 days of the matchup.

How do I get invited? We invite participants based on registrations for the summit. In other words, register for the summit and be sure to provide all the information requested. In mid-August, invitations go out and registration opens.

Who is qualified to participate? We invite credible climate tech founders whose companies have some notable backing or traction and venture capitalists who have have established investing records.