Talk Climate Tech with Investors From DCVC, Pale Blue Dot, and TDK Ventures

Breakout Session #4

Want to connect with leaders from the top VC firms and organizations in climate tech? Of course you do. So join live breakout sessions at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit (Oct. 25-26 / free & virtual / register now). These run 30 minutes each and include a live presentation and Q&A. We are glad to announce the fourth group of breakout sessions: 

DCVC is a $3 billion AUM firm that backs entrepreneurs applying deep tech to tackle previously unsolvable problems in nearly every industry. Climate tech is a major focus for San Francisco-based DCVC. Its recent investments include ZwitterCo, maker of advanced membranes for wastewater treatment, Fervo Energy, a geothermal startup, and Twelve, which upcycles CO2 into chemicals and materials (and will appear in our carbon capture session). DCVC co-founder and Managing Partner Zachary Bogue will represent the firm.   

Pale Blue Dot, based in Malmö, Sweden, is a €87M seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in European and U.S. climate tech startups. The firm has led investments in HIVED, a zero-emissions parcel delivery network, and Climate X, which analyzes the probability and impact of extreme weather events linked to climate change.. Hampus Jakobsson, co-founder and General Partner at Pale Blue Dot, will host the breakout session. 

TDK Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Japanese multinational TDK Global, backs deep tech founders in the energy and industrial sectors. The firm leverages its parent company’s leadership in batteries, sensing, and microelectronics to support the portfolio. Recent investments include Divirod, a platform for assessing water risks, and Verdagy, a water electrolysis technology for producing green hydrogen. Marc Bouchet, deep tech investor at TDK Ventures, will lead the session. By the way, check out TDK Ventures’ Energy Week (Oct. 31 to Nov. 2), a free virtual event featuring leaders in the battery and energy field. 

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The Speakers

Zack Bogue

Zack Bogue co-founded DCVC twelve years ago based on his belief that Deep Tech, coupled with the systems-level thinking integral to environmental science, can help solve some of our most pernicious real-world challenges. DCVC is a $3 billion AUM Deep Tech venture capital firm that backs entrepreneurs solving trillion dollar problems, computationally. As Managing Partner at DCVC, Zack focuses the firm’s investments on AI-enabled climate tech and life sciences platforms.

Hampus Jakobsson

Hampus Jakobsson is a climate tech investor who angel invested in 100+ companies before starting Pale Blue Dot. Prior to that, he founded and ran two startups. When not working with ambitious climate people, Hampus cooks and reads.

Marc Bouchet

Marc Bouchet is an investor with TDK Ventures focused on finding and funding early stage deep-tech startups in the energy, climate, and health tech sectors. By training, he is an aerospace engineer with a degree from Case Western in Cleveland, OH with prior work at General Electric. He has a number of big passions, one of which is sailing, and has logged thousands of miles on racing yachts with professional teams.