Can we capture carbon in a big way? An affordable way? Noya, NovoNutrients, and Lowercarbon Capital think so

What to do with CO2 is a big topic at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit (Oct. 20-21). Get your free pass now.

The Biden administration just pegged the price of CO₂ emissions at $51 per ton, and China launched its ETS in July, with prices hovering between $7 and $8 per ton. Globally, carbon offsets are traded on ETS generally well below $100/tCO₂. The trouble is that most solutions for carbon capture and storage still cost well above $100 per ton (Stripe shared the prices of some of their carbon removal providers, ranging from $200 to over $2000/tCO₂). Who will close the gap?

We’ll hear from two founders who believe they have the technology and business model to get there, and to keep the conversation grounded, we have a scientist whose life’s work is to figure out carbon capture.

  • Josh Santos, co-founder and CEO of Noya, will share how they retrofit cooling towers to capture CO₂ and pay owners for the privilege.
  • David Tze, CEO of NovoNutrients will explain how his tech turns industrial carbon dioxide emissions into edible proteins.
  • Dr. Clea Kolster, Director of Science at Lowercarbon Capital, brings her scientific expertise in carbon dioxide capture and removal technologies. She has a Ph.D. focused on large-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS).

The SOSV Climate Tech Summit is taking place online on October 20-21. It is a gathering to support Climate Tech innovators and investors across all sectors.