Hear from SOSV, Techstars, Katapult, and Greentown Labs on how founders go from zero to funded

Over the past decade, the “accelerator” grew into a major feature of the climate startup ecosystem. Hundreds sprouted all around the globe to help founders with a small check, a roof over their head, some advice, and a like-minded cohort. Climate tech has its own specialized collection of programs aimed at helping zero-stage founders get off the ground, and in this session we’ll hear from leaders at four of them. Get your free pass now.

  • Po Bronson is a General Partner at SOSV, a VC fund with $1 billion AUM that runs development programs for pre-seed startups, with a focus on human and planetary health in biology (IndieBio), hardtech (HAX), and a cross-program emphasis on climate tech.
  • Audun Abelsnes, is the Managing Director at Techstars Energy. Techstars is one of pioneers in the field and often works with corporate partners to set up specialized programs. Their energy program is based in Oslo, Norway.
  • Nina Heir is the CEO of Katapult, a Europe-based operator of accelerator programs focused on the oceans, climate, and Africa.
  • Dr. Emily Reichert is the CEO of Greentown Labs, a community of climate tech and clean tech pioneers working to design a more sustainable world ). They have locations in Boston and Houston. (Pssst—join their Climatetech Summit on Nov 5, 2021 here.)

In this session, the speakers will discuss how their programs work with founders, what helps climate tech founders move from zero to one, and where the climate startup ecosystem can improve to help founders move faster.

The SOSV Climate Tech Summit is taking place online on October 20-21. It is a gathering to support Climate Tech innovators and investors across all sectors.