Ira Ehrenpreis: Top-tier VC returns go hand-in-hand with social, environmental, and economic improvement

VC and Tesla board member Ira Ehrenpreis will share insights on the rapidly evolving climate tech ecosystem at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit (Oct 20-21). Register today for this free, virtual event. Check out the full agenda.

Top-tier venture capital returns can go hand-in-hand with social, environmental, and economic improvement.

That’s the mission Ira Ehrenpreis set out when he co-founded DBL Partners. Ira has dedicated the past 25 years to impact investing. He was an early investor in Tesla, where he has served on the board for almost 15 years since it was a small, private company. Ira has invested in this sector even before the so-called first cleantech wave and has been steadfast in his commitment to the sector. He currently supports multiple DBL investments, including Apeel, Better Place Forests, The Boring Company, Mapbox, Planet, R-Zero, and SpaceX. 

Few investors have had a better ringside seat on climate-tech investing over the past two decades, so we’ll be asking him what has changed, how he is investing the $600M+ of his fourth fund, and what the future holds.

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Ira Ehrenpreis, Founder and Managing Partner, DBL Partners

Moderator Duncan Turner, General Partner, SOSV HAX

The SOSV Climate Tech Summit is taking place online on October 20-21. It is a gathering to support Climate Tech innovators and investors across all sectors.