Boston Metal’s Tadeu Carneiro: Decarbonizing Steel Production

Steel production is one of the most carbon-intensive industries in the world, representing close to 9% of global CO2 emissions. To address how steel fits into the emerging climate tech ecosystem, the SOSV Climate Tech Summit (Oct. 20-21) is delighted to have Tadeu Carneiro, Chairman and CEO of Boston Metal, join us on the program. To learn how Boston Metal is navigating the startup ecosystem on the path to commercial production of decarbonized steel, register now!

Spun-out of MIT in 2012, Boston Metal has invented a coal-free, emissions free, modular method of industrial steel production based on the use of electricity. The company’s molten oxide electrolysis (MOE) provides the metals industry with a greener solution for the production of several metals and alloys from a wide variety of feedstocks. Earlier this year, Boston Metal raised $50 million in a series B led by Piva Capital and Fidelity Investments. Joining the round were a who’s who of climate investors, including Vale, OGCI Climate Investments, Energy Impact Partners, Devonshire Investors, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, BMW i Ventures, Prelude Ventures, and The Engine.

Tadeu joined the company in 2017 as its CEO, bringing with him more than 40 years of metal industry leadership and technology experience. In this session he will be interviewed by Jason Jacobs, founder of the popular podcast, newsletter, and community My Climate Journey, for which he has interviewed dozens of climate tech leaders. 


The SOSV Climate Tech Summit is taking place online on October 20-21. It is a gathering to support Climate Tech innovators and investors across all sectors.