Reinventing the material world

The stuff we make—from buildings to fashion—is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, a whopping 31% to be specific. While manufacturers are working on reducing their carbon footprint via fuel switching and carbon capture, there is much more to do to reach the elusive goal of net-zero emissions across industry.

Fortunately, there are now hard-tech and engineering-based startups tackling every category of product. The SOSV Climate Tech Summit (Oct. 20-21) will use this session to highlight some of their revolutionary approaches and creative solutions from three early stage companies.

  • Sublime Systems is decarbonizing cement-making.
  • Spintex spins high performance silk fibers without silkworms, and uses dramatically less energy.
  • Unspun aims for zero-waste and local production by making custom-fit denims on demand while single-handedly making standardized sizes irrelevant.

Listen in as the leaders of these groundbreaking startups discuss how materials factor into the emerging climate tech ecosystem. Register for free.


The SOSV Climate Tech Summit is taking place online on October 20-21. It is a gathering to support Climate Tech innovators and investors across all sectors.